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The instructional dialogue windows dominate the screen visually so it distracts the user from what's actually happening on the website. They won't know where to focus their eyes, and the amount of time it takes for them to orient themselves for each dialogue could make it more cumbersome than a "regular" screencast.

I disagree - the instructional dialog is the whole point.

I'm not sure if you can control it's position, but that is probably the only thing you'd need to solve any problems (though I strongly disagree this is more difficult for users than a traditional screencast)

Similar to this, I don't think you should have the user sometimes click on the dialogue box (at the beginning) and sometimes click on others elements. I kept trying to push the mouse icon the first time I went through. Or, alternatively, you could make clicking the dialogue act the same as clicking the buttons. That way even if you do that, it works.

Yeah maybe all instructions should be at the bottom , not on top of the screenshot.

press the "quick guide" button in the playbar this might be a better alternative than the screencast...itll give you step by step instructions

I agree, but I think this could be solved with a better user interface.

If this dialogue was placed in a fixed position (say in a black bar across the bottom) it would add a consistent location to refer to the content. Instead of watching the black box jump around, you could watch the content change and push at your own pace.

Great idea that could be a game changer with a better UI!

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