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I'm not a big fan of the outline you used to indicate the next action. When I saw your tutorial, I couldn't see where the Login button is because of the thick orange outline hovering the login button making it hard to the "login" button. It needs to be outside of the labels and it should be easier to see.

You should research for a different way to direct users there, the outline should be optional. Maybe an arrow or other type of animation.

Other than that, it looks great and I can't wait to see it mature. I'd love to use it!

I agree, the next buttons are too invasive. I'd love to see them as left and right arrows near the edges that bold with mouseover. I think that users would be more familiar with that as well. Also love the idea to have voiceover too by another HN reader.

I too dislike screencasts. This is a great concept. Good luck.

yup working on that...good thoughts

a pulse might work nicely http://moeedm.com/sandbox/pulse/

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