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What Windows PC mouse? Desktops have barely accounted for 20% of computer sales since 2010. We're all on laptops.

Even if the sales numbers translated to a 80%-20% laptop/desktop factual usage worldwide, and it doesn't, we wouldn't "all" be on laptops. Other than that being irrelevant to the fact a mouse is being used or not, much less what kind it is. Actually I am on a dual desktop and sometimes on a renderfarm, sometimes rendering content with parallax in it.

I, for one, use a PC mouse with my MacBook Pro.

Oh so you just assume that every laptop user uses the trackpad? Looking at the office I see 4 Windows users with mouses and a macbook user with a mouse. So, yeah the mouse.

Don't put words in my mouth.

The parent post made a comment about not having two finger swipe. The comment I replied to asked about the scroll wheel on his mouse, which assumes he has one. I replied that most people are on laptops; laptops do not require mice, so it's not a given that he has a mouse at all. Saying most people are on laptops is not the same as saying nobody has a mouse.

The parent post I commented on stated a windows pc and I thought maybe a mouse was present. So I asked if there was a wheel on the mouse connected to the windows pc. Just that.

And since the same 2010 most laptop trackpads do have two-finger scrolling. Not so smooth as in Mac, but that's Windows limitation: in linux the scrolling is smooth.

My desktop is from 2003. Runs like a champ.

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