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I like this story.

But this part baffles me: he 'wants to be his own man', so he won't work for somebody else. Instead, he doesn't work at all and accepts money from strangers... and somehow that is better and more prideful than working for somebody else?

Getting employed and staying employed when you're homeless is a lot more difficult. Psychiatric and substance abuse problems don't help either; even if you're a homeless person and lucky enough not to be struggling with one of those, jobs available are often patronizing and demeaning (shit jobs).

Well he never really asked for money and I didn't give him a chance to refuse it :)

Too many times I've heard this as an excuse to do nothing at all, that I've a hard time believing this really means what we'd think it does. Nevertheless I enjoyed the story and would like to think this is something I would have done. Which I doubt. It is my shame that I can identify better with the homeless man than MIT_Hacker.

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