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  and found that my hand-pump was made for a different valve
  than on my tire.
With all handpumps I know, you can unscrew that top part and reverse it, so it fits the two most common kinds of valve (of which I don't know how you call them in English).

The skinny metal ones are Presta valves.

The black plastic/rubber ones that look like car tire valves are Schrader valves.

I didn't know about this! This is was my first-ever hand-pump

Don't feel stupid. The same thing happened to me in the middle of a planned 50 mile ride. I was sitting on the side of the road, bike upside down trying to watch a Youtube video from the pump maker on how to inflate my tires. Never once did they mention flipping it around ... they sort of assumed everyone knew that.

It is a great lesson to remember when designing software. Not everyone has the base knowledge we assume.

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