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>>it is their daughters who actually spend time with them and try to work out their problems


Alas just 'spending time' doesn't solve all problems. You need somebody who can 'spend money' too. This is not an anti-girl rant. This is the saddest reality of our country. The middle class is overly male chauvinist and doesn't like sending women to work. Once married, the girl contributes literally nothing financially to her parents.

Firstly this is not a problem among the rich and the poor. Because Rich have money and poor don't mind women working.

Its the middle class which is in this problem. If you turn blind eye to this root cause. You can give as many moral lectures as you want on why this is wrong. Nothing will change.

Because people know deep inside them old age is imminent, and they will need money/financial support to survive then. Bitter truth!

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