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I don't think its as simple as saying that there is "actual reason" for anything that is so complex. For example: this obsession with males might be widely prevalent in the northern part of India, but its not as strong in the southern part.

I would call BullShit, but you are right, Southern states are marginally better. Especially Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Though they too are degrading every year. Stats: http://www.satyamevjayate.in/issue01/learnmore/detail/4/

>>I would call BullShit

You would because, you are not 60 and you are not being forced to do small time jobs for paltry income to just afford food, clothing, shelter and medical care.

A person goes and works small time jobs, struggles to put food on his table. He spends almost nothing. Struggles to pay rents, or buy clothes. All this while his hand and legs have no strength. Yet his peer who has a son eats dal, roti and kabab at home watching television.

Go and all the best trying to lecture that person, why not having a son was OK.

Honestly if you were to ask me, merely the thought of being that person scares me. I would save like hell now, have enough money to feed me until I die than be in such a position when I am 60.

>>Honestly if you were to ask me, merely the thought of being that person scares me.

Honestly, the thought of becoming either(small time job vs comfortable living with son oldman) of those old persons scare me. I would rather be an oldman, more like Ron from "Into the wild"(think lifestyle business), than either of these. Unfortunately, i can't rely on Federal Health care or pension for that.

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