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You got lucky. Most sites won't let prepaid gift cards go through. For example, neither Amazon nor PayPal, IIRC. Vanilla Visa was exactly the one I had, that ran into the problem, and I'd even put in my name and ZIP on their web site.

The problem seemed to be the lack of a billing address -- what are you supposed to put? Nothing worked. On another site that processed their credit cards via PayPal, it didn't work either. I called PayPal customer service and they explicitly told me they don't support cards that don't provide a means to verify a valid billing address and 3-digit security code.

Every time I get a VISA prepaid gift card, I simply buy an amazon gift card with it. I've never had any problems doing this.

Now, it's not like I don't have other identifiable information on my amazon account (a real credit card, a previously used shipping address, etc), so it's not anonymous, but they do accept prepaid cards.

Hm. I just used an arbitrary address consistent with the zip code. But I must admit that though it's worked in most of the cases I've tried, I have no idea what fraction of online merchants take such things in general.

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