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Bitcoin transactions are all public. If you want to be safe, you have to use a laundry service, and I don't know how good those are.

Here is a thought though: what if you got a prepaid credit card in another country? I suspect somewhere in Europe would be your best bet.

Also, how would the card company know that the transaction was online? It would be shady as all hell, but couldn't the merchant open a cornerstore and ring up all the online orders as chips and a smoothly?

I'm not an expert, but I think credit card companies themselves may be pretty unhappy with something like that. It's a tricky proposition in the first place, accepting CCs as an online (or even brick & mortar) merchant. You are effectively assuming some funky risk. Fraudulent transactions mostly your problem, at least more yours than the credit card company's, the bank's, the credit card owner's or even the fraudster's (in practical terms).

I wouldn't be surprised if by breaking or even nudging their rules comes with a high enough price to kill the whole thing. You would be open to being ripped off painfully and your merchant account would probably be shut down pretty fast.

Good point, I didn't take into account fraud on the part of the customers.

The legitimate but non-US prepaid card is still something I think could work though. I tried googling about it and didn't really find anything at all though.

What you've described is essentially how credit card processing for online gambling works. Except it's shoe stores and other places that sell stuff similarly priced to what an online gambler might charge his card.

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