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Following the sentence "no politics" with one equating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism is a bit hypocritical. It does show why stories that intersect with politics are dangerous though; the topic seems to bring out the most irrational in people.

Not as hypocritical as following this submission up with whining about "no politics".


If you want to stalk me, please also enjoy my blog. You can even find some political posts there!


I would have bet good money that this story would turn into a flame fest, you could see it coming from a mile away.

It's a shame because the article is really interesting and the discussions on HN are normally even better.

I think it's important that he knows reasonable people consider that article anti-semitic. If you saw a post you considered anti-semitic, would you want to quietly omit that?

I did not "equate criticism of Israel with anti-semitism". That is not my reasoning. That is a political interpretation that you have made.

"I think it's important that he knows reasonable people consider that article anti-semitic."

I don't think anyone who is reading this places you in the category of reasonable people. For some reason you think it's okay to throw out accusations without justification. That is unreasonable.

The article is hacker news because it shows an example of waging a PR campaign via YouTube.

disagreement = irrationality?

clearly he said hypocritical == irrational

hypocritical == irrational Yes, my mistake. Thank you.

clearly Not so sure about that.

He didn't say that criticism of Israel is anti-semitism. He just said 'No Politics. No anti-semitism.' I agree with him that HN should have no politics and no anti semitism or any racism for that matter. Don't you?


You assert 'no politics' and also imply that anti-semitism is a type of racism. Some people think anti-semitism is different; that's a political issue. Therefore, according to pg, you are a hypocrite. And also irrational, if ivankirigin's interpretation is correct.

Welcome to the club :)

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