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Raldi, I respect you a lot, but this statement is hardly reflective of what's been going on. Criticism of Kahn academy, especially by math teachers has been going on for years, only to be consistently ignored. This is them going 'well, I'm not being heard any other way, so let's try this.'

The worse part is that you describe this as a fight. It's not a fight, and I know that those teachers who are most outspoken against khan don't want it to be a fight. They want a collaboration, but it's not happening. It's really too bad that any criticism of khan is viewed as coming from the 'what's wrong with education' side of things. Pedagogically speaking, Khan academy is stuck with stuff known bad decades ago. Khan academy is like using rocket ships to transport telegrams. Yeah, the technology is cool, but the teaching practices need to be there too. That's what's currently missing from Khan academy, and there has been very little apparent effort on their part to actually fix that.

Based on the sarcastic tone and comments of the two people in the video, I find it hard to believe they have any interest in cooperation. They're going for the lowest possible form of criticism. They even make fun of the guy's ethnic name at one point.

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