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If you look further into my comment you'll see I mention when 2.1 comes out. I doubt they will be back-porting 2.1 features into 1.9, and thus the time limit.

The plan is if we ever release a 2.1 to backport what makes sense to a 1.10 if the oldIE's are still a big enough market share.

I'd also like to point out that this concern only comes into play 2 years from now. We are not intending to drop support for oldIE forever, but we do want to make jQuery smaller and as efficient as possible in the newer browsers, and leaving all the oldIE code in as we progress past these browsers wastes time.

Only if you can't live without some feature in 2.1 and can't backport it yourself.

What jQuery 2.1 feature can't you live without?

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