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I think that this is a serious issue. Khan usually just hits record once, publishes, and never revisits his videos again. By his own admission, he takes some initial feedback (first few video comments) from his videos but only applies it to his subsequent lessons not bothering to fix the prior lessons. This allows him to produce a lot of content, but it can end up doing more harm than good by keeping a lot of bad lessons out there.

I've seen quite a few of his videos that have had serious problems in them, 20-second long stretches of silence when he's erasing or fixing mistakes, and places where he talks himself (and the listener) into a circle. I just don't see why Khan doesn't take the time to fix obvious mistakes/issues in his videos -- or have someone else do it! Sure, it means more video development time but it's for the purpose of producing superior lessons and not spreading misinformation.

Traditional educators revisit topics/lessons and learn from their previous attempts and from student feedback. This allows future lessons on the same topic to be more refined and better serve the student. Who honestly believes they get something right the first time, or doesn't try to improve something when they, or someone else, identifies an obvious problem?

Khan has an excellent framework in place, but he needs to revisit his content. Or let someone else do it -- do these videos have less value if someone other than Khan comes in to fix things up? I'm sure there would be plenty of volunteers. Obviously the guys in this video had some good insight that could have helped Khan's video.

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