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skyhook_mockups 663 days ago | link | parent

I dont have any experience developing for govt, so for all I know the barrier against installation of CF may be insurmountable. Have you ever tried? It really is extremely painless and would result in a net + in terms of security.

jtheory 663 days ago | link

Definitely insurmountable in the environment of many of our users. They're doctors working with medical data, so IT has to certify anything new installed.

So they're stuck with IE6, because that was the latest & greatest when large custom web-based applications really took off, so they're all certified for IE6 only and would have to be replaced at enormous cost before the users can be allowed to upgrade (or install chromeframe, for example).

It's a big barrier.


alttab 662 days ago | link

This. We would ask our users why they use IE and if they would switch to using Chrome/Firefox or CF. Many of them in public education or state government offices are in a situation where the conversation is a no-starter.


skyhook_mockups 662 days ago | link

ahh that's a real shame. I guess the best you can hope for is a change of policy when xp is EOLed. Even if it's just an upgrade to ie8 that would make your life more bearable.


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