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> When I first used it on a project they had already drooped support for Safari 1.x

Which was a perfectly sensible decision from a developer POV considering how bad Safari's JS and DOM support was until 3.x

> despite that being available version of Safari available for Mac OS X 10.4.

10.4 was released with Safari 2.0 and got updates up to 4.1.3. Are you talking about 10.3?

I simply cannot agree with you on this one; in my book, it is not in any way a perfectly sensible decision to make a browser that a ton of people were still using entirely crash when webpages using the library were opened.

The project I was working on was the kind of thing that probably had just a couple hundred people (if that, maybe even less) visit it during our testing period, and I got multiple reports of that crash.

If you want to popup a dialog box on these devices that says "I'm sorry, you are not supported" that's fine, but if it isn't even being on a browser like that, then no: it becomes entirely correct to point out that it was never actually good at handling cross-browser compatibility issues.


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