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Not really relevant anymore, but I have a 9900 in my hands right now and I think it's the best phone I've ever used. It has never crashed on me. Going on one month always on now. Keyboard is legendary, touch screen is perfect, browser is snappy.

The build of their phones are too inconsistent. I've gone through three different models with peers and some friends report really poor performance and major manufacture defects. Your 9900 may be serving you well but I'm about ready to slam mine against the wall. The fact that it has never crashed on you is miraculous, and don't get me started with that abysmal battery life.

To be honest, even the guy at the store where I bought it told me that they tend to "brick themselves" and that he had to return his. I hope my luck continues.

Definitely agree on the battery life issue. But I don't mind since I'm never far from a USB port.

I've got a Torch 9810 that I use and enjoy. Screen is great and I love the keyboard...does what I need. Though it's lacking in apps it seems to have a few advantages over android phones.

For example images attached to text messages on my wife's Galaxy II open as a slideshow or something and are displayed as a thumbnail, and as far as I can tell that is a common Android issue and there is currently no workaround.

It's too bad RIM hasn't been able to execute better on upgrades.

You got lucky. I went through 3 9900s which all crashed multiple times anda after multiple OS reinstalls.

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