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Yeah once they brought the pearl out and the drive towards the pube market I was of the same mentality. Also was only 2006 when somebody asked at a town-hall meeting about QA and iirc it was Mike who for all effect admited they had none.

Then in late 2006 during a backend upgrade they were rolling out they failed on a test, turned out that even before the upgrade they would of failed on that test as it was a outstanding bug and the role out had neglected to run the tests prior to the rollout. So once they rolled out they did the tests went op's and backed it out.

General fragle managment and no love lost from me who also left in 2007. But that was due to a incompetant manager messing up my expenses and leaving me the otherside of the World without a home to come back to as all my rent and council tax standing orders went tits up as I for all effect didn't get paid.

Since then I've been watching them go from epic fail to epic fail and still certain managment who are there are still doing there thing - clearly.

Sad on so many levels but in many ways I'll not stop until my ex boss is homless and that will happen, i'm patient :).

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