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Ask HN: virtual haven co
8 points by samstave on June 27, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
(mobile post - forgive typos);

Is there a feasible way to implement a virtual "HavenCo" where a provider could provide fully encrypted anon access to resources and services which costing is based on volume plus a premium.

The idea would be that one would provide a fully encrypted, redundant infrastructure to customers that is very widely distributed to accomodate faults (political or physical)?

If people can't find the Pirate Bay, maybe this is possible too. But they'd have to charge a lot and I don't know how many Silk Roads there are in the world.

(If we get lucky maybe rdl will stop by.)

How would they know who to bill if it was anonymous?

Perhaps customers would pay up front with some sort of anonymous digital money.

Can you think of a viable anonymous e-cash system?

Bitcoins perhaps?

rdl would be the person to ask about this. He was involved with HavenCo. I'm sure he'll be stopping by soon.

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