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Or in the case of a lot of vendors we won't mention - blatant lies.

Vendors lie. That is the sole truth of IT purchasing. When testing network gear, some of our network engineers would say, "Vendors lie, but packets don't".

Nice quote! More generally when considering any solution you should always test it in your environment according to your performance needs BEFORE you buy it. Any vendor worth their salt will let you do this.

From experience, that's pretty much no vendor these days.

I will say positive things for Microsoft: you can always trial their software before you buy it.

We tested Azul Systems Zing JVM (pauseless GC) inhouse. They sent out support engineers and gave us great presentations to boot. Good company.

Are you specifically not mentioning Oracle by any chance?

I'm specifically making no comment on that ;-)

And according to the standard Oracle contract ... you can't.

They didn't say you can't make no comment though!

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