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Ask HN: Why should any serious business use a third party API?
2 points by yashchandra 1994 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
I really need your help in figuring this out. Lot of established companies have APIs that we can hook into. It enables us to access their data which coud be beneficial to our app/business etc. However, if our business is for-profit and using someone's API, aren't you most likely to have confict of interest or violation of TOS etc. ? so why should APIs exist at all to be used by businesses that charge money. Whats the point of APIs? put some cool data on my personal blog ?

In most cases an API is used to increase the visibility of the company and its services. In some cases, it can be an additional source of income based around usage (free up to a certain number of hits). I think it is meant to be a mutually-beneficial or symbiotic relationship. I don't think that there are conflict of interests as it is a public API. It would be in the terms of use if it was, and you can elect not to use it.

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