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How does living in Pucon work since you are required to attend 70% of the SUP events?

Start Up Chile staff are very open to people living in different parts of the country and work to make the program fit with what your start up needs. Attending SUP events, Meetups, and other events are a critical part of the program, but joining via Skype, phone, or other technology methods is generally just fine.

I live in Pucón, and come to Santiago for about a week every month. This way I get to take advantage of the entrepreneur network but also live in the mountains. There was one mandatory event I couldn't attend; so I skyped in. I also am creating some events in the South and think the impact we can have on the regions is really positive and powerful. But yes, most stuff happens in Santiago! It depends how you want to live and whether the capital city is useful to you or not, if your team is here or virtual... I know an energy guy in Punto Arenas, way south, and a few others are now in Puerto Varas too. So get down here!

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