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Yes, they make it pretty clear that you should have $5k per person to get you on your feet. I took it pretty lightly but it ended up being quite accurate and we ran into some cashflow issues.

As for time on program overhead, minimum probably 2 days a month. Much more if you want to be more involved with the community. You are not forced to do much more than the reimbursement process and finding some ways to give back to the Chile. You could go to meetups and such 3-4 days a week if you wanted, a lot going on.

I'd say 10k would help, a lot. If you have this quanta of money in the bank, you can cover all initial expenses via debit cards, and not using credit cards will immensely speed up your reimbursements.

Great point. I initially thought I would float everything on my credit card until I got reimbursed. I found out it doesn't work like that unfortunately. You have to show that the credit card has been paid off for the transactions you are submitting.

Thank you, that's really helpful.

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