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Start proving yourself anyway you can, right now. You need to start building a kick ass portfolio if you want the referrals to come rolling in.

Take on pro bono projects for charities you respect, shitty lower-paying clients and launch a side project that demonstrates your skills in a real world use cases.

Work into every conversation that you're a freelance designer. It's a big deal.

My last piece of advice is to network with quality people. Stay far way from the insurance agents and MLM'ers; they're looking for the quick sale and they will connect you with people that want the same. Make it a point to get to know _business owners_ and people that call the shots--the ones writing the checks.

Oh, yeah. One more thing: This isn't gonna be easy. So, good luck! :)

Perfect advice. In addition to this, get a lawyer to write you a contract to go along with your invoice.

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