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Most referrals actually come from other professionals (i.e. no I'm busy/too expensive, but there's this new kid that looks pretty promising.)

So what should get the ball rolling for you is to build one really great portfolio site at the top of your ability, making it as good as you possibly know how to make it.

Be prepared for it to be taken apart by a keen eye all the way down to someone checking out your HTML/CSS/JavaScript (don't minify!) to see if it's good quality.

Then find your local frontend/freelance community and stand out, be confident, tell people to check you out, approach top-notch guys and ask them for feedback and you should be all set ;)

If I was looking for someone to do web dev work for me, and I went as far as checking out their portfolio site's HTML/CSS/Javascript, I'd say that not minifying code would reflect badly on them. Certainly forgivable if everything else checks out, but still a mark against them.

Good point.

Then perhaps minify and add a comment referring to http://daneden.me/max-css ?

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