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Take a 4TB harddrive back in time to 1979, and tell them it is infinite. They will not argue with your assessment, even if its not completely correct.

I'm pretty sure a lot of them would realize that 4TB and "infinite" are substantially different and argue with your severe mischaracterization of the capacity of your hard drive.

you are incredibly wrong. "More than I think you'll need" and "infinite" are not the same. Capped "unlimited" data plans are a good example. Company expense accounts are another example.

A bit like us having a 4ZB hard disk from the future? I can definitely tell the difference between that and infinite.

Nope. They'll start recording video from CCDs to it in the form of 30 fps sequential, uncompressed full-frame images. 40 hours of video later they'll wonder why the "infinite" drive you provided them is so small.

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