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I recently watched the documentary 'Indie Game: the Movie.' While it was great to see small teams make games that sold tens of thousands of copies, some of the devs seemed to have an unwarranted superiority complex about their games vs. mainstream productions. Sure, the big companies often churn out sequels based on the same formulas, but most of these indie games were just riding the coat-tails of 90s platformers. Slapping an edgy theme on a basic platformer and throwing in a couple new gimmicks doesn't make something a transcendent work of art, or competitive with large scale productions. The only game they talked about that seemed genuinely groundbreaking was Minecraft (no pun intended).

How many of these games have you actually played? It sounds like you don't know what you are talking about.

I played Fez for a bit. And Braid. None of others. Care to explain what makes them so special?

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