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GPL does not strictly require copyright.

I'd prefer if for software, the only possibility was something similar to GPL v3+. Meaning: instead of copyright as it is known know, the law contains the terms of the GPL. So for any software you must be able to request the source code in a usable form.

Currently, copyright allows software to be released in a restricting (binary) form. As a result, the client always has to rely on the software vendor.

I rather have more competition in that. When software is created, I think there should still be a few possibilities. I think it is good if a company can still charge for software per copy (have to make money; support isn't everything). So for each software it should be possible to restricts its distribution (like copyright atm). However, a client should be able to hire another company and make their own modifications to that software (in some cases you just have to keep the changes to yourself).

At the moment any software basically results in a monopoly. Especially within bigger companies (loads of software which source might not be available anymore, etc).

GPL is often seen as communism. But IMO the current situation doesn't allow for much competition. Law should be always adjusted to ensure (healthy) competition can take place.

To be clear: I am not advocating that every software company should work like the current free software/open source software companies. Read by post again if you thought that.

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