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Ask HN: How do you get Freelance Gigs?
4 points by knes 666 days ago | comments

I'm currently working on my own startup but would gladly take some income from Freelance gigs on the side.

This is where it get "complicated". I'm a Biz guy / marketing / growth hacker / whatever you want to call it. I can do the whole shabang such as SEO, Market research, Product marketing, Digital Strategies, etc.

Also, I'm in Europe, Between Paris & Brussels. And Mostly looking to do remote work. I can work with people in the US no problem.

I've tried looking on oDesk but the hourly rates are ridiculous and I couldn't find any Freelance website for marketing jobs. I could however find a tons for coding jobs.

Anyone can point me in the right direction?


smartwater 664 days ago | link

Part of marketing yourself is demonstrating your value. When you do that, you don't need to race to the bottom on price. If you're a marketer, why are you trying to use a freelance site?

I've seen marketers who can setup something as simple as a Squidoo or Tumblr and turn it into thousands of dollars of business. If you can't even do that, I'd say you're not as good at marketing as you think.

I've noticed that a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs overestimate their abilities. And it's damaging to their career. How can you grow and learn if you're lying to yourself?


fossley 664 days ago | link

Spot on.


vellum 666 days ago | link

Have you tried attending some meetups in Paris? Go to the coder ones. Berlin has a good startup scene as well. Another option is to travel to SF for a few weeks and go to some meetups there.


sprobertson 664 days ago | link

If you're a marketing/growth hacker you should be further ahead than most freelancers already (I'm a good coder but don't know anything about marketing; I mostly find jobs through previous jobs). Were I to have your skills I'd try setting up a website for myself that advertised my services and using SEO/marketing knowledge to get the word out to local businesses, especially startups.


Toph 666 days ago | link

A growth hacker means you can hack. Why not take on the coding jobs?


knes 666 days ago | link

My coding skills are not sufficient enough to takes on those jobs. :(


Toph 664 days ago | link

Then I'm not sure if you should claim to be a growth hacker. My impressions of the term is someone who is proficient at both coding and marketing...


ahmedaly 662 days ago | link

go to freelancer.com


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