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Hustler Turf Equipment Hesston, Kansas ... Designs, builds, and sells lawn mowers.

Wow... I mean talk about the LAST company you would think would be using a language like Haskell. I would have more likely pictured some horrible VB6-Access mess. Just goes to show you what the risks are in assuming...

Having type-safe/correct software is a huge benefit when you're controlling machinery

    program vehicle computers that control hybrid 
    powertrains for heavy duty trucks -- garbage to be
    specific.  Our systems interface with engines, 
    transmissions, brake controllers, and yes, accelerator pedals.

    Haskell GADTs ensure type correctness of the generated 
    C code.  I find it interesting that a type system in 
    one language can prevent type problems in another.

Is that where John Goerzen (of http://book.realworldhaskell.org/) works? I watched Bryan O'Sullivan's CUFP keynote the other night, http://cufp.org/videos/keynote-real-world-haskell, and he mentioned that John was working at a tractor company in Kansas or something along those lines!

Yes, it is where John Goerzen works.

Cool, thanks.

It's not that crazy if you think about it. If you're a freelancer working small contracts for people that "want a website", you're pretty free to use whatever technology you'd like. Doubly so if you "provide hosting".

Outside of tech and corporate circles people could really give a damn. They just want to get things done.

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