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No, it's totally unknown here in Chile. Even professors don't know anything about a language named Haskell.

that's not true! the dynamic languages group (a meetup.com-organised thing - perhaps started by continuum? - here in santiago) had at least one talk on it - i know because i was there! although i admit i don't think anyone said they were using it in production...

[and the last conversation i had with someone from u chile's computing dept was on datalog. so it's hard to imagine they wouldn't know about something as popular as haskell. and a friend in the engineering/geophysics dept (don't know the correct name - contract research for mines) uses it. and...]

"... it's totally unknown here in Chile. ..."

Out of curiosity, how did you learn Haskell?

I was not confortable with D and C++, and I was curious about Haskell.

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