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That's good. I look forward to a time when Haskell will be a relevant point on my resume.

Really random anecdote: I'm not a programmer, but I got a job interview because I put Common Lisp on my resume, and that caught the interviewer's eye...2 months later, I had my current position (which is my favorite job so far).

why isn't it a relevant point on your resume? :)

Point in fact, of the (several) really great folks who reached out to me from this months hiring thread, the only fellow I'm starting to collaborate with right now (rather than a few months out) has a few cute haskell Libs on hackage. And By collaborate mean a semi/Demi/ maybe even full cofounder piece :-)

Here's the kicker about Haskell code (and many other functional langs): it's very easy to evaluate the work for quality engineering and whether or not there's some real ingenuity in it, beyond just the algorithmic pieces and the overall architecture diagram. Or at least I shall make that claim.

I can't imagine any tech company worth working for that wouldn't consider Haskell to be a big plus on a resume.

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