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I disagree with (A).

According to the php docs

floatval('122.34343The') == 122.34343

floatval('BLARTLBARTFAST') == 0

Why should it take the input and choose a different response than what floatval would respond with?

If floatval returns null on 'BLARTLBARTFAST' and '122.34343The' then this function should return null. If floatval returns 0 (or whatever) than this function should return the same.

It's inconsistent behavior.

> I disagree with (A).

Since you quite clearly have no idea what function we're even talking about or what it's supposed to do, I will just point you to the documentation rather than more explicitly explain on how many levels you are wrong: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.number-format.php

Pointing to the documentation does not work in this case. The documentation shows the user was not sticking to the function specs, yes, but neither does PHP most of the time. If PHP were a consistent (serious) language, I might see your point. It's not: it generally aims for leniency and minimum (well, small) surprise but doesn't seem to be doing it this time. I think you should make your argument clear.

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