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Sorry, I'm trying to remain anonymous.

I don't even consider myself great. I have a couple of shots that I've made in the last 10 years that I think are OK.

Most of this advice doesn't really come from me, it's mostly passed generation-to-generation. I was told pretty much this when I started learning photography, and it got reiterated by a few professionals that I respect.

your opinions would be easier to take if you supplied evidence that you know what you talk about.

You can assume I'm just making shit up.

Just want to say, for the record, I agree; you shouldn't have to show your photos. Your points stand on their own and shouldn't have to appeal to authority...so my disagreements with you aren't based on "well let's see what you can do.

And that's the problem. Dan has put this book out there and you have been rude about it and him without giving us any evidence that YOU know what you are talking about. Just another plausible sounding internet windbag.

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