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Your GitHub News Feed, Without The Mess (heliom.ca)
29 points by rafBM on June 21, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments

I made a chrome extension to clean up my news feed a while back. With help from others its getting better and better (doesn't need any privs, just cleans up the page): https://github.com/dforsyth/gh-girdle

I've actually been using this for a dotjs file. Exactly what I needed!

Working on something like that too, but it's a rough work in progress:


I'm planning on adding filters so that I can get notifications for only pull requests and files I care about etc. Also planning on adding a chrome extension to make setting up alerts easy and notifications via Google Talk and SMS.

Very early stages right now. And don't click on any of the billing stuff because it will bill but doesn't do anything else.

Why do you need write access?

This is only so we can read your private events. There is a public version (no write access) if you don’t want to give write access. If you don’t even have private repos, don’t bother ;)

Do note that the app doesn’t use it’s write privilege. (see https://github.com/EtienneLem/octofeed).

Looks good. Are you going to implement filters? I (try to, unsuccessfully) follow various projects. Some very active. I'd love to be able to filter what events I see from certain projects. E.g, for Symfony2 I only want to see new tags, new issues and closed issues. For other projects I want to see everything. Oh, and I never ever want to see TravisBot in my news feed.

The people that will find this most useful are probably the same people who won't want to give you read/write access to their repos.

Agreed. A browser extension/greasemonkey script would be a better option in this case.

There is 2 login buttons: One with write access and one without.

Doesn't work. At least, not the public version. I logged in with GitHub, but it still just shows me the first page that asks me to log in. It shows my identity properly in the upper-right so I'm definitely logged in.

Sorry about that, it does look like a recurring problem for some people. I cannot reproduce this issue on my end. What browser are you using?


Looks like it's working now. Well, kinda. It shows 4 entries, but when I hit More it just shows a spinner for a moment and then does nothing.

Oooh, that does give me a hint about what’s going on. It should be fixed. Let me know. Thanks

Seems like it's working now.

This chrome extension https://github.com/dforsyth/gh-girdle is a phenomenal way to clean up your Github News Feed - much better than this.

How do I install it?

Go to crx/*.crx, and click on 'Raw' button. Chrome will ask you to install it.

So... what does it do? Are the screeshots anywhere? A description?

After some searching, I finally clicked on the link at the bottom to the blog post: http://heliom.ca/en/blog/octofeed

It has a couple of screenshots.

Great, now make it an extension (or userscript), please. :) I'd like to see this on my github rather than going on some other site...

Update: Sorry about that, we had a callback error in the public version. All fixed now. Thanks!

Doesn't work - once you login via oauth it doesn't go past that screen... thanks

Was it about 10 minutes ago? If so it should be alright now. If not do you see any error message?

I get the same problem as imajes

hmm, well I don’t know what’s happening. Everything looks fine here. What OS & browser/version are you using?

nope, right now. says i'm logged in but i just get the buttons to login and auth.

Why does it need commit access?

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