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If you know of better books it would be a nice idea to put them on your comment (bashing is good, but giving alternatives is better).

For instance, I dived in the technical basics of my old SLR with this book I found at my parent's house: Photography - the guide to technique by Andrew Hawkins, Dennis Avon [1].

This is probably an outdated and now useless guide, but answered me many questions I had when I started.

[1] http://www.amazon.co.uk/Photography-Guide-Technique-Andrew-H...

I deliberately avoided suggesting alternatives because I think the best advice for a beginner is to stop with all the pretentious 'arty' photo techniques and take snapshots.

But, if pressed, I would suggest this book.


Most colleges have continuing education classes in photography. Stanford for example, I know does.

Heh, I think it's funny you and I are in disagreement...I see myself as being on the opposite end of the "artsy" spectrum since that wasn't highly valued at the newspaper.

Obviously, photos I take on my own are loosened up but I lean towards realism. Not using a flash is a deliberate decision to preserve as much of the lighting in a dark scene, even at the risk of underexposure or excess ambient light from a slow shutter speed. Anyway, the book you recommend is not a bad one, but on a brief skim, it's more about the history and place of photography than snapshot technique. I don't disagree that that has worth, it's just not what I'm aiming for in my admittedly brief guide.

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