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website feedback: The text is way too big for me and the centered layout could use some differentiation of "content pane" to "left and right emptiness".

The photos are huge too and somehow make me completely lose place and orientation. I have no idea how to fix it though. It could work on wide screens (would work on 1680x1050 already) if you placed images and text side by side.

More feedback - you have a utf-8 encoding problem in the first paragraph within "for learning your camera’s manual controls". It looks like the single quote was encoded by Word and doesn't translate to utf-8 - I see it as an accented "i". Just replace the ’ with ’ in the html.

Thanks! I'll check it out

Thanks, that's helpful to know and something I had been concerned about...

My challenge has been that I want to keep the paragraphs of text short, which makes it difficult to place floating-elements since there isn't much text to float them against.

The images I've wanted to keep large. I like the aesthetic of the Big Picture type of blogs, but you may still be right that it's not appropriate for what's supposed to be a learning guide.

Maybe decide for one or two images per "small thing" you want to explain and move the text really close to it, eg in the box below? Right now the scrolling is so much.

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