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Paul Buchheit: blog, v2 (paulbuchheit.blogspot.com)
9 points by johns 3219 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Seriously? This is front page news?

This just in: Paul Buchheit makes a bathroom visit. More details to come.

As the submitter, I feel an obligation to defend it. I thought the dissection (however brief) of blogging vs. microblogging and what he thinks each is best suited for was interesting. Since he's the founder of a microblogging service, he would be in a position to provide an insightful viewpoint.

He's in a position, but did he provided it? Bush is also in the world leader spot, does his own people aprove what he does?

I know, karma-whoring with my anti-Bush comment, but there's a point here. It's like killing your father and fucking your mother for you Freud folks.

"I've decided to blog differently" is not HN material. It's not even _news_, because he gave very personal reasons for it (and I commented there on his blog).

Don't follow the person, follow the whys.

I was going to disagree with those negative comments below but then read the blog and damn; this guy has a freaking ego to think people would want to edit his ramblings for him in any other way than comical..

I got the impression that part was very much tongue-in-cheek, and he doesn't actually expect other people to edit his blog for him. It's very PB-style deadpan humor.

Though that just goes to show that we need automatic sarcasm detectors on the Internet, along with a <sarcasm> tag. Then you can be lazy and the compiler will infer your jokes for you.

I wonder if it was a reference to this: http://www.avc.com/a_vc/2008/12/the-editor-dill.html

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