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C's type system is a minefield. (and by extension, C++'s and Objective-C's) I've been bitten so many times by implicit signed/unsigned conversions and int-promotion that I'm now practically paranoid about the whole thing. Chars are promoted to int practically anywhere you use them for anything other than just copying, so if the compilers produce faulty code in those situations, there's no way you can win.

Oh, and speaking of chars: Objective-C's BOOL is really just a char. Yes, it's signed, and yes it gets int-promoted a lot. I dread to think how many bugs are lurking out there in Objective-C code because of that. I wonder if you could catch some of those by comparing the code generated by compiling with the usual BOOL = char typedef, and the same code but with BOOL typedef'd to _Bool (a real boolean type).

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