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It's rather like inverse fuzzing. So, zuffing.

This kind of coinage is a rather large rabbit hole! Once upon a time in 1963, someone asked: what happens if you take the Fourier transform of a Fourier transform? Well, a Fourier transform gives you a spectrum, so let's call a Fourier transform of that, a new concept called a cepstrum. So what are its bins, analogous to frequency bins? Let's call them quefrency bins, and the cepstrum is therefore a quefrency cepstrum. What's the operation when you modify quefrencies in the cepstrum in some manner other than uniformly, analogous to how one might run a frequency spectrum through a frequency-domain filter? Why, liftering, of course.

in case anyone else is confused - it (a cepstrum) is the ft of the log of the modulus of an ft. the ft of an ft is the original signal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cepstrum

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