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> Successful entrepreneurs are lottery winners with attitude, by and large.

Possibly. Actually I don't know. Anyone knowledgeable should disregard my opinion.

> The programming field is no longer young, we should give up that old excuse.

Right. However, I don't feel like we're anywhere near clearing the chaos around the psychology of programming. I still don't know for instance why so many people cannot understand functional programming, which I personally find simpler than procedural programming in most cases I deal with. Or why technical debt doesn't seem to be taken seriously. Programming is several decades old, but it still feels young to me.

> And no you are not being straw-manned, the argument is. Good to not take things personal here.

Hmm, yes, I was too aggressive here. Sorry.

> Studies are necessarily narrow and context-laden, even 'solid and definite' ones.

Ah, I didn't think of this danger. You're right, we at the very least need safeguards. Like, tying downvotes to reasons why they happen, so we (high karma users, moderators?) may be able to nullify those which turn out to be bogus. But that's complicated.

Or, maybe we could just not downvote, but point out in a reply that this is contrarian anecdotal evidence?

Yes; it would be wonderful if comments could be categorized. Something like meta tags, created by the community or automatically even. I would like that; it would be like an extra conscience telling me "This guy was making an observation, not an argument; target your response correctly".

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