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Not an EE, but I've observed a few things about electrical infrastructure:

- The work is usually done by outside contractors, working off of specifications that may or may not make sense.

- Some aspects of testing have the potential to be dangerous to the people doing them. (ie. if network switch fails in testings, no big deal. If some types of electrical switch break during testing, the tester is dead.) High voltage electricity is not a toy.

- IT and facilities staff usually don't talk much, and often don't understand each other when they do.

- There's no instrumentation. I get an alert when IT systems aren't configured right. Nothing from the other stuff.

- There is a wide variance in quality of electrical infrastructure that isn't obvious to someone who isn't skilled in that area. IT folks don't need to deal with computers built in 1970. Electricians deal with ancient stuff that may be completely borked all of the time.

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