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(Person you replied to here.) "The rotational UPSes are the cause of the majority of 365 Main's downtime, and in general, horrible and must be destroyed with prejudice."

No. Incorrect. There is a reason I 100% refused to move my hosting company there. I'm not going to say anything else publicly, but it wasn't the hardware that caused repeated outages there. (I moved my hosting company from San Francisco to San Jose, and lived in the Bay Area for 10 years. Everyone in the hosting industry in the Bay Area knew each other. I also hosted for years in AboveNet SJC3, which had the same flywheel setup.)

Note: I hope at this point they've fixed the issue. I've been out of the industry for a few years. I wish them the best.

Yes, I almost took half a floor of 365 Main back in 2003-2004, and didn't due to their (at the time) tenuous financial situation and thus being underresourced on everything. That and there being ~no carriers in the building at the time. For SF colo, 200 Paul remains a superior choice, although some floors have had problems, and it's a totally conventional design.

But the hitech UPS was a weak link. When they sold all their facilities to someone else (DRT), that fixed most of the other issues.

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