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An anecdote, if true, is a contrary example which can be useful. It can even disprove an absolute claim - it only takes one counterexample. In mathematics this is done all the time.

Statistics are themselves misleading - there are whole books on the subject (oh no! an anecdote! better close your mind now). They are highly contextual, but the popular press excels are stripping that context and proclaiming absurd extremes. Anecdotes are excellent context, putting statistics into perspective.

> oh no! an anecdote! better close your mind now

Another idiotic strawman argument.

Forgot whimsy doesn't play on HN - too many literal thinkers. Sorry, I'll refrain.

Jokes such as those are really bad for a good discussion. They serve to prove to people on your "side" (an idiotic notion, but I digress), how stupid the people on the other side are. I would downvote if I could.

Sorry again; I commented while in an excited emotional state. Though it embarrasses me how many times that give better karma than a reasoned paragraph putting forth a cogent argument.

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