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I write internal corporate IT systems using Java. This announcement is good news because it should be easier to deploy to servers and a I can guarantee that I know what JRE I'm working with in production. I can now move to Java 7 without having to worry about breaking other systems or adding an extra deployment step for my apps.

1. Couldn't you always have guaranteed this by being aware of which JAVA_HOME was on your path or which java executable your startup script ran? Having multiple java installations on a server you manage has always been trivial.

2. Isn't this announcement only for JavaFX?

Aren't you concerned about freezing the app to yet another runtime that must be individually updated because of security issues or features that are decoupled from the operating system (like timezone data)? Or do you see this as an opportunity to roll out timely updates that are independent of a global system runtime? Since you mention servers, how will you avoid clobbering machine-specific tweaks (like heap size)?

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