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That's dreadful for Java.

OpenGL support has been in Java for 6 or 7 years. WebGL has been in browsers less than 12 months and Java isn't even twice as fast?

(I'm a long time Java programmer, but I think JavaFX is the most stupid thing I've ever seen)

From the blog: "JavaFX (Hotspot Client) is 70% faster than WebGL, a great performance, considering the competition is a dedicated game engine built on top of a low-level 3D API."


How does WebGL compare to a native application?


It depends strongly on the specific application. The actual GL calls themselves, once data is on the GPU, execute at the same speed as in native applications, because it's the same hardware/drivers/API. But, the roundtrips between JS code (and JS datatypes) and the GPU could kill performance even more than CPU<->GPU roundtrips normally do. So depends on how good the application is at avoiding those.




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