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I use IntelliJ daily, and the install experience is "devloper friendly", not exactly end user friendly. Dont get me started on Eclipse install process.

JWS is awful. It is totally not the way users expect to install applications.

"Dont get me started on Eclipse install process."

Actually, please start. I install the JDK via an installer, unzip Eclipse, run eclipse.exe, and it just works. Am I missing something?

Probably the part where it usually can't find your JDK (and barfs with some random error on startup as a result) until you edit a config file or set some environment variable(s). NetBeans on the other hand usually finds 5 different JDKs on your system and asks which one you would like to use.

which part of intellij installation that is more developer friendly? i just download the DMG and drag the icon to Applications, just like other apps.

Im using ItelliJ on linux now, IntelliJ is just a .zip. You are right thats the way it works on OS X and that is excellent.

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