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Nothing has been said about packaging for Android or iOS. From the info that's actually in the article -- currently it targets desktop applications.

From my point of view, iOS is extremely improbable target unless Apple changes their application requirements. Currently they do not allow use of any 3rd party JIT on iOS and Java is all about JIT.

Moreover JavaFX doesn't even run on Android or iOS at the moment (even without this new kind of packaging).

Mono apps are allowed on iOS (eg games based on the Unity3d engine) so it is likely there is way to make Java apps acceptable as well. Oracle seems confident it is going to happen (http://www.infoworld.com/d/application-development/javafx-io...)

As far as I know MonoTouch uses Ahead Of Compilation [1] on iOS. So there is no JIT in compiled binaries.

[1] http://docs.xamarin.com/ios/about/limitations

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