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tysont 667 days ago | link | parent

On the plus side, the level of transparency that AWS displays and the detail that they provide seems above and beyond the call of duty. I find it refreshing and I hope that other companies follow suit so that customers can understand the details of operational issues, calibrate expectations appropriately, and make informed decisions.

rdl 667 days ago | link

They're less transparent and responsive than most datacenter or network providers -- it's just that most of those providers hide their outage information behind an NDA, so only customer contacts get it, vs. making it public.


smackfu 667 days ago | link

Yeah, a good datacenter will have SLAs around the root-cause analysis document for any failures. Like a preliminary report within a day and a final report within 7 days.


acdha 667 days ago | link

I've also had a few cases where providers either outright lied or only gave details if you persisted in requesting them. Having to play that game gets old…


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