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Actually, starting right now, AWS is probably your best bet.

Old story about Chuck Yeager from the 1950's: one time shortly after take-off, Yeager's aircraft suffered an engine failure, and he had to do an emergency semi-crash landing. When he realized that a mechanic had put the wrong type of fuel in the plane, he went looking for the guy. The mechanic profusely apologized, said he would resign and never work in aviation again. Yeager replied something along the lines of "Nonsense. In fact, I need someone to refuel my plane right now, and I want you to be the one to fuel it. That's because of all the guys here, I know you'll be the one guy who'll be sure to do it right."

Probably apocryphal, but the point has merit.

This is mentioned in 'How to win friends and influence people' where the anecdote is about Bob Hoover and Jet fuel put in a WW2 plane. It is used as an example that it is easy to criticize and complain but that it takes character to be understanding.

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