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TLDR: They invented a meter, extremely similar to the ones you have used for the last 10 years, that clicks into your iPhone. If you are too lazy to use one of the many excellent logging apps or softwares, this will be great, if you have an iPhone. All in all it is a well designed gimmick for Sanofi to sell moar strips.

I was really hoping for something cool with that title, like maybe using the camera and flash to magically estimate your mg/dl when your in a bind.

But then I read: >Over 18 million Americans have diabetes, and they all live with the painful, often thrice-daily process of using needles to check blood sugar. The process is clunky and uncomfortable — and dangerous due to potential errors.

And thought, it's not really painful at all, hopefully people check more than 3 times per day, it may be awkward to check in public but not clunky.

I am pretty pissed at the pace of technology development in the diabetes arena, but this is not exactly a step forward.

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